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Warrior Media

We're based in L.A., covering weddings, engagements, showers, anniversary, conventions and expositions all over Southern California.

We love telling a story and portraying emotions through color and expression! All of our images are tailored and thought-out to portray the story that you'd love to tell. We love to tell stories through the art of painting with light! Feel free to contact us and visit our other social media posts!

Patrick Guerrero

I'm Patrick Guerrero from Santa Clarita, and I love art! Ranging from painting with light to even music! I've always been fascinated with digital art and photography. Since high school, I've been working as a graphic designer, editing photographer's images to represent an idea or to sell a product. I decided to take the 10+ years of experience and finally apply that knowledge on the other end of the lens. Now I can fully show what I can do on both ends of the spectrum!

I love having adventures and would love to tell your adventures as well!
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